Interview: Victoria Edmond, Owner of Burden Free Organic Beauty Products

Meet Victoria Edmond! She’s the owner of Burden Free Natural Organic Beauty Products — an organic beauty product line that seeks to help women feel confident and beautiful, while also providing them with all natural products.

Lemon poppy seed soap from Burden Free, an organic beauty product line.

We sat down with this Oklahoma-based businesswoman to get some insight into how she started her own business, what she struggles with, her goals for the future, and her favorite thing about running her own business. Victoria Edmond is a truly inspirational woman who took leaps of faith and bravely made her dream come true — check out her story below:

Fempotential: Tell us a little about your business (what it is, when did you start it, where it’s at now, and what you hope for the future).

Victoria: Burden Free is an all-natural beauty product line that makes and sells homemade beauty products such as: Sugar Scrubs, Body Butters, Lotions, Lip Balms, Homemade Soaps & Candles. I started Burden Free this year as an official launch, but it was conceived over a year ago. My business continues to grow, even in its infancy I have had my first vendor table opportunity  — which was amazing — at a local conference in my hometown of Oklahoma City. As the owner and operator of Burden Free, I visualize daily the growth of this business not just financially, but community wise. I hope in the future that Burden Free will be a major seller of all natural beauty products in many local health stores and consignment shops, as well as major retail stores, as Burden Free stresses the major principle that beauty radiates and originates from the inside out.

Fempotential: Why did you choose to go into organic beauty products?

Victoria: I chose to pursue organic beauty products because I love all things beauty, make up, fashion, individuality! I also discerned a need for organic products that need to be made available to the masses without such a hefty price. I also wanted to start a beauty product line that focuses on the unique beauty of each and every woman. The mainstream products sold over the counter have so many chemicals in them that it’s hard to pronounce them all! With Burden Free products, every ingredient will probably be something you have heard of before or even have used for your daily skin care needs!

Organic sugar scrubs by Burden Free, an organic beauty product line.

Fempotential: What made you want to start your own business?

Victoria: The desire for me to start my own business was birthed from my passion of beauty, community and purpose. Of course, I love the flexibility in my schedule and the opportunity to never have a cap on income, but I really have a passion for it. I am also a firm believer in the principle that it is better to give than to receive — giving does not always entail money, maybe its service, or a gesture of kindness. I really desire to be in a position where I can give more than I take in life. As a business owner, I believe there is more to business than making a stable income. As a human being you can really make a difference in the arena of business that can help and impact the masses!

Fempotential: What’s the best part about running your own business?

Victoria: The best part about running my own business is the opportunity to make an impact. Burden Free is still in its infant stage, but the growth that I feel is near makes me so excited. Sure I could say the best thing about running my own business is money, flexibility, status, etc., but the best part for me is impacting those around me. It is far from easy creating a startup company from scratch, or “bootstrap businesses.” You will have ups and down, trials and victories but as long as you have a passion that will endure through all of that, you will make it on top.

Fempotential: What’s the hardest part about running your business?

Victoria: The hardest part about running your own business is self-discipline. If you do not have a boss as an entrepreneur, you are your boss! You call the shots, and you are the main reason why your business succeeds or fails! Self-discipline has to be first and foremost in your business. For example: Do you stay humble? Do you budget correctly? Do you stay disciplined? Do you push yourself when no one else pushes you? These are a few examples of the hardest part about being a business owner. Learning how to push yourself and your potential and being humble enough to thank God knowing that it was not all you, and being able to be disciplined enough to push through the hard days even when no one is watching.

Organic lip balm from Burden Free, a natural beauty product line.

Fempotential: How did you learn how to run a business or prepare yourself for this career?

Victoria: I learned how to run a business by research. I looked up legal information that I needed as a sole proprietor, I listened to webinars, I researched the best ingredients, I came up with a solid business plan. I also had previous work with one employer at the age of 16 that taught me how to communicate with customers and how to be professional and get the job done which helped me with what I do now. I also believe that to prepare yourself for a career in starting your own businesses you have to release yourself from the feeling that you must have everything figured out from A-Z. You have to realize that your business will not always be the same and you have the right to grow and expand. You will make mistakes but do not let discouragement overtake you. Try and try again until quitting is not an option. I am still in the learning process, but I know if I keep perfecting my craft and pursuing purpose, things will fall in line

Fempotential: Do you think organic beauty products can impact a woman’s self-confidence and how?

Victoria: I do believe that beauty products can impact a woman’s self-esteem. A lot of what female consumer’s buy are beauty products. The need to be beautiful and young is so much of an obsession in our culture. Burden Free desires to unite women of all ages through organic beauty products, by supporting our unique differences in age, race, culture and looks. When a young girl picks up a bottle of lotion, or perfume in a local retailer there might be tons of images plastered in her mind by pictures and ads that are near her. “Do I look like that?” she may ask, “Am I pretty enough? Do I measure up?” I desire for Burden Free to provide an online atmosphere and eventually a physical atmosphere that celebrates all women of shapes and sizes, styles, and individuality.  Burden Free desires to offer a liberating confidence to know that we all should be celebrated even in our differences.

Fempotential: Did anyone inspire you to achieve your dreams and start your own business? Who and how?

Victoria: I would not say that one specific person inspired me to achieve my dreams or start my own business. I honestly believe that over multiple days in my life I just got fed up. I was tired of living life on the sidelines, tired of not experiencing the passion, love, dreams, aspirations that I desperately desired and still desire, especially when so many others were freely partaking in life and loving it. The desire to overcome my fears and reach out to the world with whatever gift I had motivated me and inspired me to start my business. Many people have inspired me by what they have accomplished as well and how they impact others. People like Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Christine Caine with her A21 campaign and many others. These women are impacting the world with whatever they are gifted with. I am more inspired by people who are not celebrities or so called “important people” that endure the most adversity but come out with more wisdom, joy ,and profound purpose than before.

Candles from the Burden Free beauty product line.

Fempotential: What have you learned about yourself since starting your business?

Victoria: I have learned that as a young woman I have more discipline than I thought I possessed. I am continually surprised by my patience, because impatience has been a negative attribute of mine personally for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that I really do not quit, even when it gets hard, even when no one is looking and cheering me on. I have the strength to trust God and continue on. Also I have come to the conclusion that I really am very picky than I originally thought I was. I desire for everything related to my work ethic to be perfect which can be a strength and a weakness if I cannot focus on the whole picture. For many, self-doubt has been a serious issue that most of us have dealt with every once in a while in our lives, but for me at this particular time, I really trust myself and my instincts a lot more.

Fempotential: What would you tell other women who are interested in starting their own business?

Victoria: If this is a dream of yours, if this is your passion or purpose, why not do it?  I would tell other women that as a woman alone, you have a powerful voice and gift and if you want to pursue business you can influence others and have a legacy that is bigger than just you. I would also advise other women to know if starting a business is truly the right step for them as an individual, to research all you can especially if you are in a partnership. There is no such thing as too much preparation. If and when you decide that business is for you — do it. Do not let anything hold you back. Pursue your dream relentlessly even if friends disagree, family members laugh, acquaintances gossip, people leave you. Pursue your purpose and dreams and keep on reaching!

Fempotential: Why is it important for women to empower and support other women?

Victoria: It is important for women to empower and support each other because the odds against women are great in this day and age. Domestic violence, sex trafficking, mental and emotional abuse, low self-esteem, and eating disorders are just a few opposing circumstances against women every day. This world needs more women that support each other. We do not need more hashtags such as: Black Girls Winning, White Girls Winning, Latino Girls Winning, etc., if we are losing as a whole! This world needs women that will love and encourage each other to succeed and win no matter what. Women are the glue of our families, work force, schools, churches. We have a need to keep and sustain relationships. We have a need for community. Why tear each other down when we are such a vital part of society and life? As women we must make it priority to unify ourselves to show others that they are not alone, forgotten, or dismissed. One can only fight so much injustice, but together we really could impact our communities and eventually change the world for the better.

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In this inspirational interview, we meet Victoria Edmond, a young woman in her 20s who has launched her own organic beauty products line and seeks to inspire other women to reach their dreams.

A community of women helping other women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


A community of women helping other women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

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