Interview with SHENNA Somsmieh: Indie Pop Princess

I met Shenna Somsmieh earlier this year, when I first started hosting on Voiceless Music Radio, now The Pulse of New York. This girl is amazing.

Her stage name SHENNA is a variant of her real name. She has been gracing the stages since she was a seven-year-old in Virginia. She’s performed with a great list of names across the United States and Canada, and now in her twenties, she is a singer, songwriter, actress, co-producer, dancer and model.

In 2014, SHENNA debuted Dream In Color, available on Apple Music, which held the number one spot on Band Camp in the DMV (DC, Maryland and VA). Recently, she gave us Made of Gold after a long wait. You may have heard one of SHENNA’s singles like “Air Balloons” or “So-Low” on The Bad Girls Club on MTV.

There is nothing stopping this Indie Pop Princess from reaching the top. Look at her website here for more information

In the meantime, check out the awesome interview she gave us below!

Sen: You’re an artist from Woodbridge VA. Why did you decide to move all the way to the city? Was is tough?

SHENNA: Yes! I was raised in Woodbridge, VA, my whole life until I moved to NYC! It was honestly easier than I expected because I networked out here before I moved and people are very outgoing in NYC. I noticed it’s easier to make friends out here because a lot of people are moving from different cities, states, and even countries to pursue their careers.

Sen: You’ve been performing since you were 7. How did you know music is what you wanted to do? Did you feel different from other kids your age because you already knew what you wanted to pursue?

SHENNA: I definitely felt different from the other kids my age because I always had this dream and strong ambition. My mom always encouraged me to do music and would take me to auditions, showcases, and talent shows, as well as the studio to record little demos. I didn’t know anything but music.

Sen: What are some of the struggles you have dealt with in you career so far?

SHENNA: The number one struggle would probably be finances because this music thing is no joke! If you want to take it seriously you have to invest! Also you have to know who to trust! People will tell you many things and get you excited but you have to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

Sen: You’ve been nicknamed the Indie Pop Princess, can you explain the story behind that? What do you think about this?

SHENNA: Thanks! Haha, that is a huge compliment to me! If you would have asked me two years ago what my genre was I would have named so many of them. Now that I am branding myself I really found a love for Pop music but didn’t want to keep myself in a bubble so I worked on my songwriting and wanted each song to have an authentic feel yet have potential to be mainstream.

Sen: In your song “So Low” you throw hints at some conflicts you may of had with others saying “they made you” and such. Can you elaborate on the background of this song?

SHENNA: Yeah, definitely! “So Low” was the last song I wrote on my project. The song is basically about my journey here in NYC in the actual music industry. People will try to tell you who you are, who you should be, and why you should be that way. These things may make you feel down but you have to sometimes go solo to reach the top. You have to know what to listen to and when to make your own choices so you can stay true to who you are.

Sen: What was the inspiration behind “Made of Gold”?

SHENNA: The inspiration behind the title “Made Of Gold” is about everyone being special at something. Gold is the highest metal and I feel that we are all valuable.

Sen: Why the wait? “Air Balloons”  has been out for a while, but it seemed like it took forever for you to drop “Made of Gold.” What was the delay?

SHENNA: Haha! I know, I was going to drop an EP and then had some potential deals on the table so I held off for a long time so I didn’t make the wrong move. I felt like I was playing a long very long game of chess.

Sen: What is the overall message behind your music?

SHENNA: My music is honestly all about being you! People are so busy on trying to be what they say in the media, holding back, and being jealous of people that they don’t appreciate what they have or who they are. Basically I feel like we should be filter free when it comes to being ourselves!

Sen: Three words to describe you.

SHENNA: Bold, fun, quirky.

Sen: Do you feel as though because you have started early in your career that is why you received opportunities like MTV, BadGirls Club, and opening for En Vogue and Carly Rae Jenson?

SHENNA: I honestly don’t think I worked as hard as I could have in the past. I thought I was grinding but I wish I could go back in time and tell my past self that I was wasting so much precious time on things that wouldn’t help my career. I never really had anyone disciplining me music wise except myself. I’m honestly just a huge hands on person.

Sen: What are you next steps? Your goals?

SHENNA: Going on tour, releasing a few new music videos, and really staying active on my cover YouTube channel!

Sen: What advice would you have for other women trying to make it big in the music field?

SHENNA: We can do whatever we put our mind to! Don’t ever give up and keep yourself surrounded around other like-minded people!

We sat down with SHENNA to discuss the music industry, how to stay true to yourself, and what it takes to be the Indie Pop Princess.

Sen Kathleen
Sen is the founder of LadySenTalks and a Host for Voiceless Music Radio. She’s a Rutgers graduate and proud owner of a overly demanding hamster. In her spare time she’s mastering finding her inner peace.
Sen Kathleen

Sen Kathleen

Sen is the founder of LadySenTalks and a Host for Voiceless Music Radio. She's a Rutgers graduate and proud owner of a overly demanding hamster. In her spare time she's mastering finding her inner peace.