Our Fempotential Plan For 2017

Fempotential launched on March 31, 2016, which means that we’ve been sharing inspiring blogs for women by women for the last 9 months. It has been an inspiring and thrilling nine months to say the least. At times it was difficult and stressful and it felt like we were constantly on Pinterest trying to figure out how to best reach women, how to design our site, or searching for hours for just the right picture for a blog. But we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We’ve learned so much and have shared so many amazing, inspiring stories from women all over the United States. We’ve read your comments, gotten your feedback and the most touching thing we seem to constantly hear is that this blogazine is inspiring you, educating you, and just giving you a safe place to realize that you aren’t the only one going through tough or great things in life.

With 2017 approaching, we’ve been tirelessly working to prepare for the new year — that means organizing our entire site, integrating new features, and setting some kick-ass goals for the next 12 months. In the spirit of New Year’s, we’d like to share some of the cool things you can expect from us in 2017.

  • Take a stand against hate

With the election of Donald Trump, we think it’s important for us to make a formal stand in 2017 as a feminist publication that will stand against the hate, sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination that he and his administration and their plans represent. With this in mind, we will now be accepting blogs that are politically inspired and depict how women are coming together to fight the injustices that our president-elect has promised to pursue for the next four years.

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to Fempotential (whether it be political blogs, interviews, or any other type of blog), feel free to contact us at alext@fempotential.com.

  • Multiply our following by 10

Though we’ve had some amazing growth during 2016, we aren’t satisfied with our social numbers and we’d like to reach more women (and men and gender non-conforming individuals) in the next year. Our goal is to multiply our following by 10, at least! We know we can do it. We are committed to sharing our bloggers’ works multiple times a day on different social networks. We also have some plans set for 2017 to engage with audiences on each social site in different ways.

But we won’t lie — we can’t empower women to reach their full potential without the help of others. So any help that we can get, we will take. Please invite your friends to like us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter — and if you’re not following us — head on over to each site to follow us now!

Better yet, share the blogs from our amazing writers. Remember, just because the story or the blog isn’t relatable to you, doesn’t mean it can’t help your fellow sister, friend, family member, or acquaintance and #womenhelpingwomen is more than just a hashtag — it’s what we (and our followers) are all about!

  • Engage with the local community at events

We are bringing Fempotential to the people, y’all! Yes, that’s right! In 2017, we plan to engage with female communities in our home base of Dallas, Texas. This will include meetup-style events with snacks, engaging conversations, goodies, giveaways, feedback, music, and networking. We have a few ideas for these Fempotential meetups such as discussing some of our most engaging blogs and the topics they bring up like sexual harassment, women of color in business, solo travel, and more. We’re also looking to connect with other bloggers and female entrepreneurs for these events so we can all come together to engage person-to-person (via just online all the time!).

If these Dallas Fempotential meetups go well, we’re going to take them nationwide, as we’d love to meet women from all over the U.S. and start a Fempotential movement in the online and public spheres.

If you’re a local Dallas (or the surrounding areas) female blogger, entrepreneur, writer, or just want to find a way to get involved with these meetups, hit us up at alext@fempotential.com to learn more.

And if you’re not local and still want to be involved or would be interested in hosting a Fempotential meetup in the future, send us a message at alext@fempotential.com too!

And if things go super well, we might appear at a local conference or two!

  • Monetize Fempotential so we can pay our contributors

One of the hardest things we have discovered in the blogazine world is how to make money so that we can pay our writers — because you know and we know that they are so worthy of compensation. We slowly began monetizing Fempotential in 2016 but it wasn’t easy and we honestly haven’t made more than $20 and that has gone right back into funding the website.

But we’re launching some new initiatives in 2017, diversifying our portfolio, and trying to get creative when it comes to monetization. Our goal is to refrain from those annoying pop-up advertisements that are associated with Google Ads. No one likes them and they ruin the experience when you come to our blogazine. So, we’re going the affiliate marketing path. That means that sometimes we will include links or ads embedded in blogs or on the side of blogs and if you click on these or make a purchase through these ads, well, we might get paid a little bit of money.

Here’s an example of one:

Our main goal, however, is to work with major brands in partnerships. We provide them a cool place to advertise — still without any annoying pop-up ads — and we can share with you AMAZING female-friendly products and brands. But to get to that point — we need a larger following, hence, why our main goal of 2017 is to grow our numbers exponentially.

If you own a small-to-medium-sized company or business and would like to reach our female audiences, we’re going to be offering a cool (and CHEAP) promotion through the end of January. Please email us at alext@fempotential.com to learn more or download our promotion prices and media kit below. (Prices differ for large name brands)


Fempotential is running a January 2017 ad special for small to medium businesses and organizations. Please contact alext@fempotential.com for more information.

  • Etsy store and helpful downloads

Remember, how I said we are working toward monetizing Fempotential? One of the great ways we plan to do this is by offering downloads for purchase. We are opening an Etsy store and in this store you can purchase a multitude of products. We have original artwork available (the most priciest of our products), artistic prints for sale (less than $1-$10), and downloadables, which are outlines or documents that will help you to manage different aspects of your life ($1-$5).

If you’re not into following our Etsy store all the time to find new products, don’t worry! We will include many of these products within our blogs, highlight them on social media, and share them through our newsletter.

Here’s a preview of just one type of downloadable art print we will offer in our Etsy store:

Lana Del Rey painting

  • Podcasts

We are obsessed with podcasts these days and we know many of you are too! That’s why we are too excited to start working toward creating a Fempotential podcast channel! Our podcast channel will feature our founder and host, Alex Temblador. Each episode will have a different topic and will incorporate interviews, guests with advice, group discussions, inspirational words, informational insight, and much more. This is probably one of the most exciting things we are planning for 2017!

  • Job/Help Board/Newsletter

If the title of this section isn’t clear — that’s because we haven’t full developed this idea, but we are too excited about it and couldn’t not include it. We want to help women to reach their full potential in more ways than just providing blogs or helpful downloadables. We want to get YOU to help out your fellow ladies through a nationwide (hell, even worldwide) network all through Fempotential.

So how are we going to do that? We would like to create a job/help board on Fempotential or through our Newsletters in which our readers ask or offer help. Some women might ask for help — insight into open positions at different companies in different cities, resume help, new housing help, looking for roommates postings, or even donations for a cool organization they are working with. Other women might want to share or offer help such as by posting open job positions, offering free legal services, or letting others know about a helpful tool for women.

Now of course this isn’t fully developed, but we are working with our creative team on how best to format this to help as many women as possible. If you have any suggestions, send them our way!


If it wasn’t clear, we’re pretty excited about 2017 and we have some fantastic goals and dreams we are going to make come true during this New Year. As always, we can’t do it without you! So please share, please engage and interact with our writers. Please let other women know that this is a safe and welcoming place for them. And if you ever have any suggestions or insight or would just like to offer your help, let us know!

We’re wishing all of you a great New Years and we are so glad to be joining you for the ride.

Fempotential has a great plan for the blogazine for 2017 and we'd like to share it with you. We're also running a small-to-medium business ad special. Please contact us for more info!

A community of women helping other women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


A community of women helping other women to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.