8 Great Brands That Give Back To Others This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect on all that we are thankful for as the year comes to a close. Studies have shown that companies with a goal to give back deeply integrated into its mission are often more successful, and those who support them feel more loyal and invested in their purchases. Below are 8 of my favorite brands that give back in major ways across a wide variety of sectors that you can support not only in this season of giving, but year-round.

  1. The Little Market is an online fair trade shop founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla where customers can purchase beautiful handmade products by artisans around the world. From floral candles to beach-ready woven totes, The Little Market showcases the artisan’s traditional skills and cultural techniques to a broader audience. They practice fair trade principles, and every purchase from The Little Market generates meaningful income for the female artisans and their families.

Shop the beautiful creations at https://www.thelittleOthmarket.com/.

  1. The Giving Keys sets itself apart from other fashion companies with the way that it empowers its employees. The company employs people who are working to lift themselves out of homelessness with skills training and a steady income. These small but mighty necklaces are some of my favorite gifts because of the words that they hold- compassion, courage, love, dream, hope, and more. Not to mention, one of the tenets of the brand is a “pay-it-forward” mentality that encourages the holders of the keys to pass them along to people who may need the message more.

Shop Giving Keys designs at https://www.thegivingkeys.com/.

  1. Toms has lead the movement of the one-for-one mission, giving a similar item to a person in need for every single item purchased through the company. I have gone through 5 pairs of their classic shoes designs, and have no problem restocking with the knowledge that this company is working hard to provide necessities like eyeglasses, shoes and health services for everyone.

Shop their wide variety at http://www.toms.com/.

4. Alex and Ani creates meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to positively empower those who wear the jewelry. Designs include messages about our planet, military, sports teams, spirituality, and more with the purchases giving back to the nonprofits that mean the most to you. Those who know me know that I have been a big fan of this brand for years, and wear many of their bracelets daily.

Shop their jewelry at https://www.alexandani.com/.

  1. Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and product brands to members at wholesale prices (think Costco, but all organic). For every membership purchased, they sponsor wholesome groceries for a low-income family for a whole year. Healthy and mindful living has become an important part of my ethos this year, and this unique spin on gift giving accomplishes a lot for a small price- a variety of healthy food options sent to your door and the opportunity for a family in need to have the peace of mind of knowing that their meals will be consistently nourishing and satisfying.

Shop groceries at https://thrivemarket.com/?v=9.

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  1. Lola provides feminine care products that are simple, natural and effective. This is a subscription-based brand where you pick the style and they ship a box monthly or bi-monthly based on your preference. Surprisingly, getting this little box in the mail is as exciting as it can possibly be considering its purpose, but it’s funny quips and “this too shall pass” message on the box makes it a more manageable. For every subscription, they provide feminine care products so that all of us women can focus on bigger and better things than our time of the month.

Shop their products at https://mylola.com/.

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  1. Barkbox is a delivery of 4 to 6 natural treats and fun toys curated around a surprise theme each month for your pup. A percentage of each box purchased goes to important work of connecting perspective owners with pets in need of a forever home. Since adopting our dog Cooper last May, we have learned a lot about the huge opportunity to help these sweet animals, and it’s a pleasure to support an organization that does the same.

Shop these boxes at https://barkbox.com/.

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  1. ONEHOPE creates delightful products that inspire people to indulge and do good. Their gift boxes include wine, coffee, and other memorable and sweet gifts. Every gift box purchased goes towards clean water access, food for one year to a family in need, educational scholarships, planting trees and fighting homelessness. Our favorite beverages with a powerful impact with our purchase- what’s not to love?

Shop these boxes at https://www.onehopewine.com/.

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As you start (or continue) to think about gifts and holiday hosting necessities for the season, keep these purpose-driven companies in mind and get a bang with your buck with a great gift supporting great missions across the world.

What are some of your favorite brands? Share them below!

Tis the season for giving! Help others when you buy from these brands this holiday season. Many of them help women, pets, poor families, the ecosystem, or veterans when you purchase their products.

Ashley Kavanagh
Ashley Kavanagh is a marketing maven, aspiring professional organizer, blogger, avid cook and news junkie living in Helena, Montana.
Ashley Kavanagh

Ashley Kavanagh

Ashley Kavanagh is a marketing maven, aspiring professional organizer, blogger, avid cook and news junkie living in Helena, Montana.